Quality. Features. Personalized to Your Space.


 Inspired Cabinetry incorporates features and quality that were once reserved only for costly, custom cabinet makers. Using only cabinet-grade plywood boxes, and faces of birch wood or North American maple, you'll have cabinets that will stand the test of time. With high-end features like soft-close doors and drawers, you'll be proud to show off your space. With extensive product options, your designer has the ability to tailor our cabinets to your lifestyle.  Inspired Indeed! 

Delivered in a fraction of the time.


 Many shops offer cabinets in a wide range of colors and styles.  Built once you place your order, they take several weeks or even months to arrive. If one is damaged or doesn't fit, they take forever to get you a replacement. Inspired Cabinetry has chosen just a handful of great styles and colors.  We produce them in a vast range of configurations and keep a strong supply on hand.  Our unique philosophy will save you time, money and headaches; allowing you to more quickly enjoy your new space. 

Is Your Builder Inspired?


Ask your builder/remodeler to contact Inspired Cabinetry for high-quality, high-style, high-value cabinets for their clients. 

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